Days of the future gone by

It was the best of times, It was the worst of rhymes.

I see that my idea of Taser proof clothing is actually an old idea that has already gone to patent, otherwise I would have thought that somebody was reading my blog. I still want to see anti-handcuffs patented.

The problem with the idea:
Making something that neutralizes the force that is applied to an individual to control them.
Leads to greater force.
It implies that any amount of force will be applied to subdue others, independently of whether they are guilty of something or whether the force is more destructive than the act for which it is applied.
SWAT team alpha, "Jay walker at 10 O'clock low", SWAT team leader "She may be wearing body armor and anti-taser and anti-handcuff and carrying a IED" SWAT team alpha " I'll take the head shot with a depleted Uranium round, just to make sure the perp can be subdued." SWAT team alpha "It's a 17 year old girl so she could remove her clothes and be a distributor of child porn." SWAT team leader "The new Muslim laws state that uncovering one eye with make up is enough to imply sexual content so she is already guilty of a major felony by 'making available' child porn."


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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