Dark Matter Checklist


  • Cool name
  • Weird properties
  • Too far away to test theory
  • Conjectures of bizarre origin
  • Related to Big Bang
  • Sells articles in pop science
  • Has no real application for people
  • Makes a scientist look like they understands something others don't
  • When interest fades it gets a new name
  • Gets funding from NASA because it poses an immediate threat
    • ( immediate =< 100 billion years )
  • Vague enough to include any speculation
  • Could be explained by alien probes
  • Could be related to Leonardo of Pisa
  • Was mentioned by Nostradamus
  • Could be military secret weapon
  • Chinese || Russians || EU || Australians || Americans are testing it as a weapon in space and we need to be prepared
  • Has mathematical proof that includes imaginary numbers and statistics
  • Proved on a super computer
  • Sells copy


    Automated Intelligence

    Automated Intelligence
    Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen