Ants Intelligence or Action Inevitable (AI)

By testing I can see that the model of neurological analysis is wrong. The brain is not a collection of circuits that can be modeled to understand them and intelligence or behavior at that level. The complete system is a composite of the action within the cell which is perhaps the primary motivational element in the process. I was reading a book on character animation and AI for games and they said something very profound. People model the brain based on what they know how to understand. It has always been true and it is true about people in general. People act and then later model that behavior in some framework to explain it. That is what creates the confusion as to what is really going on.

My approach is to create a system that can model the action of a simple organism and then modify the organism to identify what effect each change has in terms of its behavior. It becomes very clear that a neural array is not anything like an electrical interconnect of analog computational elements. The idea that the brain is like a computer is simply the closest analogy that is accepted. There is a vast difference between a SNA ( Synthetic Neural Array ) and what actually happens in an organism. The chemical process in the cell has more to do with those characteristics that people ascribe to emotion or character than the interconnect and chemical signaling or electrical potentials.

It is clearly several scales of magnitude more complex and a great deal more understandable once all the parts of the process are in place to be modeled and observed.

Does the amoeba call upon its non-existent brain to determine where it will travel? Nearly every complex aspect of the universe is already incorporated in a single cell. The concept of deadly embrace and deadlock are often in considered in computers and perhaps the underlying method of computation is flawed. It would seem more reasonable to have a system that did not deadlock as a start and then proced to design from that core. Clearly a fresh look at computation and circuit design is needed, along with the creation of a wired or FO network owned by the participants. That is the only way to be free of government or other criminal theft of ideas and intellectual property to support military feudal style rule of a population.

The aggression and intent to control is designed into some hardware and that will not change until that hardware does not reproduce itself. That is the sad and final truth of the universe. If you wish to be safe from the wolf, the wolf must die. I don't think it is comical or in the least bit entertaining that the wolf wears a suit and speaks of nations.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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