Nerve concept

The idea of using nature as a model for invention is easy, but defining the underlying architecture is better to achieve the goals. A nerve acts to connect ( or associate ), measure, and control. The underlying process is sense and react. A situation or complex of information can be characterized by its properties and identified vaguely to allow a choice to be made. In nature the goal is eat and avoid being eaten. In this context the risk + gain dimension can be considered based upon need. Identity-Identify(Risk% - Need% ( = implied risk of death ) + Gain%) = +(Action to goal) or -(avoidance).

The basic concept of nerve is that of a comparison and connection. The physical connection made can be inherent in the design. An example is a software that measures gain-loss for a specific situation and then identifies which factors are involved and in what order, with a connectivity. This is in turn fed to a device which lays out the physical circuit to be incorporated.

By incorporating the new design process in the 'organism' it continues to expand its process by reintegrating the logic in a physical form which is software hardened. Thus the process of software design becomes hardware design in a physical circuit. By using a self replicating framework the device requires no external management of the resources in its evolution.

This would be the process of permanent instantiation of a neural array using various motive arrangements. The 'entity' could be guided by a basic intent to survive and thus would constitute a form of life.

In this way it would be possible to evolve new neural arrays and measure their response in actual situations. A form of inter-neural programming. It combines the inherent flexibility of analog circuits with digital analysis and parallelism in design from the associative array.

The overall design as it evolves is complete in its software steps and can be repeated as often as it is useful or modified to meet new situations.

In antfarmgl I am considering all the possibilities of interactive frameworks that produce result. A key feature is always feedback. I have set up a camera system which is binocular and a sound pickup that is binaural and a connection between two computers that allows the product in building vertex ( shape ) and textures along with attributes of objects to imitate what is 'seen' by creating waves and images. The program views an object and moves to identify what parts are associated and then proceeds to create a vertex array and later a process model.

I have also incorporated my concept of artificial creativity or imagination.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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