FFT and mandelbrots

I have been playing with sound for the AI ( ants interface ) and I have decided to generate all the sounds from a transform process that mixes enum ( waves envelopes phases intensities relationships etc ) and also represents them as physical objects by analog transformation. What I mean by that is to take a set of characteristics of a face , for example, and apply the dimensions of the music to the attribute of a face morph like smiling or blinking or nose length. Basically a goofy mixed analogy where properties of objects get taken from a system where the dimensions are related to other properties. It might be something like the ratio of height to width of a "pole" is translated to the degree of smile related to head nod.

I have also been doing some recursive modified functions that act like Mandelbrots and change the growth of a section of a visual object.

Another thing is that I realize now that many people do not function in the same way as I think. I typically operate as a "Rain Man" in the fact that each thing I read or study gets applied to every other thing I already know and then generates new answers. This leads to some very odd days.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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