Some days are too busy

Six more items that have complex implications for technology have shown up today. No way to judge the import. This is the real singularity and it seems odd that it trickled down into the Terminator® franchise and was twisted into something else. The changing shape of technology and its real life consequence is better entertainment than any second hand sci-fi. I can't understand how anyone would watch a show about strange consequences of science when the real thing is knocking at their door and growing in a lab.

If I develop a concept from technology and somebody incorporates it into a TV show it seems they have no respect for me at all if I don't copyright and limit my ideas to damage others. The law is screwy.

Today, more DNS fallout, Lasers in action, war dances, cyber changes, entanglement, LHC, rat brains as computer chips, "failed copyright system"©.

Any sequence of letters longer than 2 can be copyright (o o)(© ©)


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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