Slow scan gravidar

I really am slow, it is always said that if you have physical access to a system that you can always compromise it. I missed the fact that physical separation of matter is a delusion. I have been making technology that gives me physical access to remote space and it never dawned on me to combine the two technologies. The idea that there is any separation of matter in the universe in an absolute sense is purely a delusion of the mind and how it must localize to solve even a small portion of infinite chaos. The human consciousness as compared to a structured solution system is incapable of even telling the difference between illusion and reality on any day. It is the fact that the physical neural solutions are based on a weak TSP solution and though it is good enough to defeat a squirrel most of the time, it barely ranks. The modification of animals to be domestic has allowed the evolution of mental skill to decay. The rate of computer algorithm evolution is nanosecond based and human life has such a long cycle that even the slightest change in ability would require hundreds of years to be seen.

My normal disclaimer: I didn't design this universe, government or people and I simply report what I observe, in what I hope is an objective way.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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