Real Time Lords

The more I think about the idea of a bunch of people who work to predict the consequences of what happens in the universe and do not actually interfere because it raises the question of good / evil in terms of self. I could imagine a group of programmers who devised a way to conquer death and live in regeneration for even millions of years and simply predict the future effectively so that events could be modified if a problem was developing somewhere. I could even imagine that there would have to be a separation between those who watched and those who acted. Like the tales of Dr Who, when he arrives, people die. In this case, the people who monitor the universe would not interfere, and if a situation arose that a planet might die from its own stupidity, Dr Who could be sent to make a decision which limited or averted the calamity in some way at his discretion.

In some odd way, the principles of open source encompass this: observe but do not tamper for personal gain policy. It seems a natural progression and even a dire need within the world for such a group.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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