Population eugenics and god

The concept of population genetics seems to be similar to a scientific concept of berserkers. A berserker is a war device that functions after a war is over and the participants are dead. A kind of doomsday bomb. Population eugenics is something similar to that. It is also a self satisfying argument. If I use techniques today to change the population to a standard that I choose, then the population will say that I made a good choice because the unchosen elements would be dead.

It implies that the person doing the engineering has an ability to understand the ultimate consequence of their acts.

It seems very common in history that any number of states and religions and groups have decided that they would modify the 'future' of the race by changing the breeding population. This internal self engineering is a really stupid concept. If I designed a computer program like that it would crash. In politics it is possible to select certain elements of a population and confine them based upon a social principle that has been devised. The problem is that ideas that seem good to the people creating them often have unexpected consequences when they are introduced. I am reminded of the breeding experiments of the 'nobility' of various cultures that selected for their own properties and as a result they got what they bred, a limited set of possibilities that were anachronistic.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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