Perfect evidence

Just flushing out some random thoughts.

DNA is considered to be the ultimate conclusive evidence in a case and though the evidence may not be as reliable as thought, the process itself can just as easily be perverted by those who have control over it. If I have access to an evidence box and I switch the DNA samples, then the result is invalid, If I PCR somebody else's DNA and throw it around a crime then it is no more complex to do than a phony gun or false fingerprints. A person can be so complexly framed that there would never be a question.

At Overcoming bias there is a post about how the guy at the bio lab was a sociopath. There have been calls for programmers to be certified sane, and biologists, and security clearances for everybody. The odd thing is that the people who should perhaps get a checkup are above the law. I mean people like George Bushwacker who could be a complete sociopath and nobody ever considers that perhaps the people who decides whether to deploy troops or nuclear weapons should be sane.

Overcoming bias wondered how much damage a talented bio-engineer could do if he were a sociopath, the answer is not going to make you any less worried. The rocks that hit the Earth and Mars and the other planets from time to time, probably would do as much damage and they wouldn't feel a thing when they did it either.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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