Never doubt the complexity of infinite

I have been hoping for some from relief from the war with the pirates of the holy dark and I am merely trying to survive in my ornate crapulence. It appears I have misjudged the situation again, The holy dark is in fact the holy gray and it is only known by its superlative among weak minds. So the first mind of the universe has emerged from the holy gray and I mean that literally. Matter around the center of the galaxy has attracted, combined, developed quorum and emerged by the action of the first mind of the known universe. This does not bode well for me or the other pirates.

I suppose this is why scientists rarely become pirates in practice. It is not likely that any scientific concept is the final and absolute power over all life and thus is in some ways a fool's game to enjoy.

I want to pay tribute to all electrons that gave their conductive band energies to the transmission of this post and honor their commitment to the pirate way. I have passed a decree that this nanosecond shall forever be remembered as the 'Moment of the Anonymous Electron'. Vague echoes move in my mind as I hear the words: 'Remember, use the gravitational force, Luke'.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen