I think I have devised the method structure which can be used without programming and this will speed the process greatly. I am hoping to have a self-programming system tested and uploaded within the next two days. I have worked at this before and I had some success with a lesser algorithm. The concept of assigning method associations to objects and then assigning goal associations to method object pairs and then assigning ( observation -> <- object -> <- method -> <- goal ) forward and reversed linked and ordered lists with sparse population for expansion.

In the simplest neural matrix, the sense and react circuits act as a single minded physical analog of this where the goal is unity, the method is unity, the observation ( sense ) is unity, and also the selection of object.

Using a synthetic analog of a near content, multiple choice, matrix connected process model leads to a good synthesis of logic. The process of vision and sound recognition are specialized systems like many other and the data simply is converted to objects simple enough for a human mind to comprehend. It is a little difficult to develop new ways of viewing this process and I hope to grasp its significance by applying it with different sets of data.

I have had some success already in testing and delays arise from the complexity of managing a complete project on sourceforge properly. If I didn't already have familiarity with HTML, CSS, javascript, PGP, UDP, C programming, gdb, valgrind, ltrace, xtrace, strace, objdump, IDE, gcc, make, Perl, PHP, Python, UNIX, POSIX, TCP/IP, CVS, SVN, assembly language, topology, calculus, Apache, sql, IRC, bots, shell, SSH and about 100 other skills, it would be a nightmare or just an impossibility.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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