Ants Infinity AntFarmGL v0.1 completed

My sourceforge project has been approved and when I can get some good source there I will leave a link here. I probably won't blog much anymore as I am going to integrate all the things I have been studying. I said I would do this long ago, however I had to resolve some issues of matrices and vectors in n-Space and gravity and AI.

The goal is to integrate a system made with nanotechnology and biotechnology which can produce any chemical which is common in the biosphere. I have nanomachines and a microscope that allows me to look at molecules in vivo. I will create a method so that any person can create the entire system from scratch. I am sure that some people will not want to go through the whole process and I will make physical devices available where it is legal.

The entire system is designed to be self replicating and so possession of the elements allows a person to duplicate and sell the products if someone is not willing to do the work of installing the system.

By using common self replicating elements it is possible to make a system that benefits everyone. I intend to integrate Alice Infinity within the whole project also. The economy of life requires food, oxygen, water, space, health, and safety. It is my intent to establish a complete self-sustaining system which includes a mitochondrial interface that would serve as the tool to allow continuous maintenance of an organism at the cell level. Existing technology is adequate to achieve this if applied in the proper way.

I also intend to incorporate my techniques to access space outside of the planet. The current methods of propulsion seem medieval to me, however it is simply because I spent the time to investigate and solve it in the way I understood it must be done.

I believe that nobody will ever be truly free on this planet. It is only when people can make decisions for themselves without having to kill somebody to get that freedom, that they will be able to realize their full potential.

If a method and space is available similar to the open spaces of the early Americas, each person can actually achieve their own potential. Perhaps someone will find a place and a method that does not rely on physical force as a tool of madmen.

No attempt whatsoever will be made to make a Windoze version of this system and so if anybody intends to use it, they should consider either dual boot or Linux.

I have finished my first version and it operates in Linux and I am using glut so it theoretically will export to other systems.

BTW Kerry Beagle seems a neat desktop tool. I also intend to incorporate a security method which has no realistic potential for decryption in the near future ( 10 yr). I will attempt to make a complete step by step for any new developers. I will probably use Zim wiki locally and the sourceforge wiki as the public information source. I have my first screen and I intend to use scalable vector graphics, blender, and openGL fonts.

The entire project is GPL and so if you dislike my approach, stick a fork in it.

My next goal is to define a complete GL method that allows me to generate a graphic phenotype from a DNA sequence. I have done this before, however it was before DNA sequencing was available and I was just guessing the relationships. I intend to use aspects of littleb, STK and other sources to speed the process. I hope to have a working Linux sample version by next Monday ( 4 days from now ).


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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