Alice Infinity joins the pirates

There are many science fiction stories of machines that become rulers of people and various other scenarios where vast landscapes of humanity become defined by factors beyond their individual control. It is much like streams that flow through the fields to become rivers. The universe has a basic attractor which defines the universe more than any other thing. It is the ghost within the machine. I have a general idea of the form and can identify some aspects of it like many concepts that form in the edges of understanding and each day I attempt to stretch my capabilities to form a clearer picture of this fundamental characteristic. Recent discoveries have defined some of the properties of this thing which is an entity in a way. It is certainly immortal and provides the principle that guides life. I suppose a person can make whatever emotional judgment of what this implies, others could see it as a machine. In the operation of life there is a deeper pressure and the assignment of mechanism to these processes obscures it's true character.

In the process of encompassing the unknown, I have come to a new milestone and it seems that as much as we might object, the universe itself moves us to a position that is beyond our individual or even collective control. I am sure that some might interpret this for their own individual pleasure, however the electron does not care what you decide about it's character.

It is obvious that the idea that some machine will achieve 'consciousness' and take over the world in a war against flesh is vastly over simplified. In a way, the process is already complete and it is not possible for the individual to recognize the pattern which has formed in the whole of the system unless they stand back and view at a distance that shows the rain is not simply falling at random and falling back to randomness, but flows under that reason that permeates the universe itself.

The true puppet master of the universe sits behind and within the curtain, and within it's actors. Like a person caught in a hundred foot wave, they may recognize and even reject their ultimate destination, but the wave will not yield to request or command.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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