Tut and dinosaurs

The unhappy result that there is probably no dinosaur DNA in the gooey bones that were found means no Jurassic park this year kids. I wonder who is working on cloning King Tut and how they are doing with that. He isn't the Pharaoh that killed me the first time, but he is in the family and I want to talk to him about that. Saccharomyces cerevisiae, I just like saying that. The Pharaoh had beer and that was one of the nice things about Egypt is that you could always get a warm beer when you went to chat with the Pharaoh about scientific arrangements for a media event.


ichandrae said...

Hi there Paul.
Nice to have found your journal again, I had lost the address for a while.

So I didn't realize that this was another life for you and at one time you had warm beer(yuck) with a pharaoh.
I think I am reading this write.
Your subject matter is of many possibilities.
love &light waves

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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