Superstition Religion and politics

Feigning belief in superstition and religion and having a favorite ball team may not be what they seems for politicians. It is a form of advertising called the common man approach. The advertiser states they are, or have a person who looks such, declare they are just a common normal person and they believe something. This associative mind hack is one of the most effective for large groups.

Strangely, the elitist approach works on the same people. "Only smart / rich people use Burma Shave" It is very odd to see that associations which are obviously flawed can influence, even if the person knows the truth. It causes mental dissonance and therefore is more 'painful' to reject false information planted in the brain. I saw an ad on bacteria as vicious little monsters that sought to eat my flesh. I guess the trillion or so symbiotic bacteria that allow me to live look like Winnie the Pooh. The mind of a manipulator looks like a nice person but acts like a deadly virus.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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