Science Fiction and act II

Science fiction is fiction by definition except that when a concept from science fiction become a reality then it is no longer science fiction. I believe that the stories of a strain of ebola sweeping the nation preceded the AIDs epidemic, but I am not sure but the concept is as old as the middle ages when soldiers threw plague infested bodies in walled cities to kill their enemies. As far as what will happen from science projection is what will happen, however that which has come true is no longer fiction. I doubt we will see 50 ft women terrorizing towns or giant atomic ants. The biggest problem in the world is that there are people who consider themselves to be self appointed gods who reason that they are gods and that others are shit. It is not my problem if people who spend their lives seeking to damage others become their own worst enemy.

The selection of physical characteristics by cosmetic surgery,the inclusion of genes from others to solve inherent problems, and finally the choice of genes which affects the neural state of an individual. Which part of this process is more damaging to the very idea of identity itself. Obviously if there was a method where people were incapable of killing each other there would be no need to kill someone to get free speech or any common activity that a person might do that does not involve using others as manure. I see it as less dangerous and reversible to stop someone from committing a crime by simply removing their ability to act with hate.

What makes a person who they are and if that is the ability to kill others then it seems that at least this given as my personal choice to not do this and instead do something which simply takes that one characteristic away from anyone who would practice it.


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Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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