Rule by ruler

It seems to be a problem which has existed since the first politician was born and invented the rock to bash peoples skulls in. The measure of a foot was the kings foot. The application of science was dependent upon the integration of principles that come from monarchy.

I have not heard a person complain that they feel used by the computer, because the little mini computer in their car determines when to inject hydrocarbons. I trust it more than others perhaps because I have designed with it, and programmed it. I don't complain that a compass or ruler is using me or could remove my humanity. If a ruler ( strange parallel ) chooses not to use a ruler to measure progress or can't even use a ruler, what is the actual quality of his work and if I use a ruler and see that they are measuring the progress of mankind by the amount of money they have in their yacht, then I must conclude that it is not a matter of technology at all, but just a clear and obvious manipulation of my gullibility.

The governments of the world are being turned inside out by their own process and can't even recognize the change. If I can remember and compare, then I can judge even myself. They fail to see the cliff that they are leading people over. Like a horse chasing a carrot on a string and stick, they run faster and faster as they get more hungry and will not recognize that the direction they are taking has already lead them off the cliff. It looks like a hostage situation to me. They have all these weapons and some of the people did not follow them over the cliff. They can, however , kill everybody else along with themselves. They are already obsolete, and as a consequence the techniques they use to achieve position are useless. I think that the example of WWII is appropriate here. Even though the German's and Japanese ended up on the short end of the stick, the Japanese were the best at recognizing their position at that time and establishing a diplomatic solution. The German command instead chose the scorched Earth approach and decided that if they could not rule the Earth, no person would ever rule.

In the age of technology, one single fact can arise in a nanosecond to change the entire world. It is guaranteed to happen because that is the intent of the design itself. New information will be discovered and some will be profound and when I ask my congressman what he thinks about the implications of Pi upon the concept of quantum entanglement, he says "I will form a committee and tax you to study it.". I say "But senator this means that we are in an immediate situation of threat and if each of us does not move to the position of safety, we will die!" Senator: "Show me where that is so I can save myself as I am more important than you." Am I the only one who realizes the ridiculous and paradoxical nature of this little riddle?

It is actually a lot simpler than this, but I added some candy coating and flak to enhance the flavor.

I rule by force and not reason. Force is smarter than any computer.

As much as I detest the use of physical systems to correct logical problems, I see that in order to mitigate the consequences of the lack of foresight and greed , it is necessary to act and act swiftly to ensure the safety of those that had no part in this disaster. Like the fall of Russia it brought with it a lot of very bad side effects and if you consider that the whole world may be in social dis array soon then it is necessary to develop a plan to deal with the fall.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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