More thought

The more I think about this the more I understand that it is not a flight of fancy. It is absolutely true that in a complex situation, a person cannot react fast enough to be effective. The shuttle doesn't let the astronauts determine the burn rates and if they did let them jockey it into orbit, we would still be digging ourselves out of the debris.

A person responsible for the fate of any nation should be able to tell if he is being rickrolled and if he can't we need somebody who can. This may in fact me the new weapon that decimates the countries of the world. If I can push information so fast that a person cannot determine a valid course of action and if I can predict their actions in crisis, I can control them if I have enough compute power. It is done all the time and I recognize a troll or a flame bait when I see it usually, would the president or any president have the sense to know when they were being baited in a technological sense? Obviously not, as the military is just deciding that perhaps they should incorporate a little intellect as an optional accessory.

I think that this really is the new threat to world stability and I see no way that some despot who controls by murdering his enemies is ever going to catch on that a computer is leading him to destroy the people it has selected to neutralize the government


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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