Keys to the first and second infinity

I have managed to solve the second infinity and am reasonably certain of the third. It is an issue of pre-requisites in the same way as the dependencies of libraries or education. The first key is needed to solve the second and the third key is quick solve for me at least. It is an ever advancing process that follows a much greater curve than even factorial expansion. Singularity of understanding comes in chunks. When a solution is 'complete' then it can be said that this is the point of singularity. One solution to a problem.

I may be confused about something but I will say it anyway. I may have misread the text but here is the issue. If you like to learn, the book on Heuristics I mentioned previously is a good one to have in your arsenal. So here it is
IF p THEN q is given.
Thus it is said IF NOT p THEN NOT q.
IF (I have a cow) THEN ( I will have milk ).
IF NO cow THEN NO milk.
I have a goat.

The logic is good if I choose IF AND ONLY IF as the operand, and perhaps I have misread the text. I saw some things ( imagined ) that when I am exposed to dimensional relationships that I do not follow the common understanding of how to deal with them. I see that f + v = e + 2 for polygons is valid in the limited sense of the dimensional space 3, but fails to adequately represent the relationships at higher D's.

I may have chosen to develop a mathematical relationship that is not common practice because it seemed to be a useful method. I was charting the relationships of higher dimensions long ago and there are many consistent patterns in them. It does relate to solutions of problems with a larger number of variables also.

Just so I don't forget,
The Pharaoh called me to his chariot one day and asked me why I did not kneel, I didn't know that I had been marked for death that day. I thought my occupation was to find the relationships that exist in the universe and report them accurately. How was I to know that the implied relationship was one of force and delusion without having knowledge of his mind. It was obvious that I was to be killed when I was called as we had spoken at some length and I did understand what the process was in his mind and it made no difference. He would kill me for having the thing that he pretended to possess. If I had understood sooner perhaps I would have become the Pharaoh that day. I still do not understand what is required of me as the results are inconsistent and the process is doomed. Maybe the next key will shed some light on this issue. I hope to have it today, but that is only if this is a growth pattern and not an approaching pattern. That would be a real bugger if this was a limit curve.

I am so stupid. ( obligatory self deprecation ).


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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