Alien internet

I intercepted some packets on the galactic internet this morning and I am not sure of the translation but it seems they discovered the Voyager and they are saying 'woot' One of the other comments was that there is enough carbon there to expand my brain to the size of an asteroid. They seem to have their own god, but their god not only offers 50 virgins, eternal life, but also 50% off the price of Univerisoft Office Professional.

I am not sure I like that idea and it would seem that should have better gods than that. Really, how long would fifty virgins still be virgins and how do you divide that up in eternity. It seems that they could at least be 'magic' virgins that never lose their virginity and on top of that what OS will they run in heaven, because I am not going to use Windows for eternity, it would seem that would be the OS of choice for Hades.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen