SuperTuxKart Universe

I have been working with my calculations of a universe without ( equivalence / and time ) and they have worked out properly and explain some very unusual effects of observed matter. I did a program in "C" to check my results and there seems to be a high degree of correlation. I think I have removed the stumbling block that has kept me from understanding the results. I was watching the history of neutrinos last night an it was very interesting as they failed to accept a fact that could just as well been considered all along. I don't suffer from a faith in any scientific principle, no matter what the source. I have a great deal of respect for Newton and I think he had a great skill, however, no one is god. Just because people are talented, doesn't mean they are -always- right. In fact, it is a virtual guarantee that no matter how good somebody is, they will always make mistakes. Even the best become senile and even die.

So what I am doing today is using Blender ( graphics program ) , the source from Super Tux Kart, some python scripts, some "C" programs, Gimp ( Graphics Information Meta Processor ), physics, and creating a 3D race game based on the principles of the universe as I understand them to have a model I can control by keyboard + mouse commands and view the results as a virtual universe with a separate variable panel to see whether the data conforms to measured effects.

I expect to have a method to produce a new material which has never existed from the results I get there.

I am using the built-in AI scripts to simulate particles and if I can't get enough speed, I may go medieval on the AI and do some x86_64 assembly acceleration with some old tools I use for a Lisp-like object oriented neural array.

I estimate that it will take me about 3 days to actually have a workable interface.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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