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Things are going quite well with the integration of technology from a simulator of physics process as I understand it. I am going to integrate this with my AI and nano interfaces. I can take XML or any descriptive language and use a script to convert it to methods and objects that work for a nano machine interface. The key to it all is the self replicating or self manufacturing ability at the root of the process. Much like a lathe, which can produce all the parts of a lathe and is thus recursive. Or a robot that can build a robot. The key to effective technology is the control mechanism and the ability to self-replicate the "logic" in some fashion or another. I have developed a 3D control structure which mimics the human brain in it's ability to associate context or results with actions. By vague and global association it is possible to allow action X or action sequence Y to become associated with consequence and consequence to be associated to need by a sensor. This can be acheived any number of ways in various contexts, like mitochondrion or a nano structure.

How odd! I ran into this link when using Google ( linux mode )
Linux AI with mitochondrion
Very strange indeed! And from 2004, I will have to read through this and discover who was doing it.

When I finish with this I am going to make my own SETI methods. I think I understand the possibilities of the Physics I now can model well enough to know what and how an advanced society would communicate. I am going to devote most of my time to establishing communication with an extraterrestrial civilization. I see this as a way to solve the issue of warring tribal nations and despotic corporations. If I can communicate with a society well in advance of ours, it could only make things better, though it could turn out badly. It actually could not be worse than what is already happening here. I guess just having new alien overlords would be a refreshing change. I can see why governments are not -really- looking for aliens, as if they did find some, they would certainly place them in a nasty situation of being lesser despots. I have a hard time believing that with at least 1022 stars and a universe that has existed for -at least- 13 billion years (if not forever ), that in all that space, this rock is the only one with organic material. I understand the process of life and how self catalytic ( replicating ) loops ( whether protein, RNA, DNA or more complex ) can be a powerful force for evolution. There certainly must be life, the question is, why are we not able to communicate with it?

Having just finished molecular genetics, organic, organic lab, cloning and PCR/PAGE labs, it is obvious to me that carbon is the only atom that can produce life and it follows a very common attractor in it's development which can easily lead to life. I imagine that many different modes of existence are possible however. I think that it is possible that in slow systems that a planet wide intelligence could result from the same origins as life here. If there were less water, or shallow seas, I think that a sponge like intelligent form could develop. It would certainly be long lived.

So the question is why do we not see the other life in the universe? This is what I am good at, solving complex riddles, so maybe I will have some luck.

Joke I saw: There is no data only XUL.
Geek joke about XUL (pronounced Zool ) , XML and a reference to "Ghost Busters" and Dana. ( "There is no Dana, there is only Zool!" )


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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