If the Aliens have eaten me this post will arrive

One new feature ( of Google blogger ) is to set the time a post will appear on Google blogs and I see Slashdot is not a real word in spell check but Google is *chuckle* I am going to set the post time of this as 5/5/2008 12:50 Pm just to see how it works. Might be an interesting way to exist in the future, in some odd way. Yes I think I will make some of these posts that are in fact my future existence should something happen and I cannot post , like if an alien eats me. Apparently it is off by 1 hr so I must figure out why that is. So obviously the aliens ate me and yet here I am. Can't explain how that happened. I guess I am GMT -6 not -7.


unwesen said...

When I go on a writing spree, I usually date posts such that one will be published each day for as many days as I have posts lined up.

I was wondering one day how it must feel to people I know if I'd prepare a number of posts like that, die in an accident, and they keep appearing.

Doesn't stop me from dating posts that way, though.

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Automated Intelligence
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