In the bushes

Could Bush be charged with crimes against humanity? Nuremberg prosecutors may make the case. I personally think that the state of America and even the names reflect the attitudes and techniques of Nazi Germany. "Homeland Security?" It bothered me the first time I heard it. The act of waging war on pretense and destroying a sovereign nation is grounds for US to considered a rogue nation. I have discussed this before and will the country become a concentration camp before people react? I wonder is it worth a trillion dollars a year to protect a few fliers, when more die because the government fails to react to natural catastrophe like Katrina? What price the escalating security restrictions that continue without a single new incident to support the massive reaction. A grasp for absolute power. Power is a madness and it will drive people to do anything to keep it.

An article from The Independent World claims "God told Bush to invade Iraq". That is just too friggin weird.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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