Well it is Saturday and getting warmer

It looks like it might start warming up today and I am looking forward to some 50's and a walk in the park without freezing my nose. I think I will do something less boring today like figuring out how to jazz up this blog with some javascript. I can't use PHP :( apparently, but I think I can run it from my external web site.


Podblack Blog said...

The note-pad background. Cute, but distracting. I'd rather read what you write than think 'the text isn't fitting between the lines! Arghh!!'
One of the reasons why I made my blog as sparse as possible in terms of clean lines and space. Draws the eye to the logo, of course, which says it all.

Paul Mohr said...

That was helpful. I have been trying to improve the layout.

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Automated Intelligence
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