KDE 3D desktop demo which is interesting (Loud too)


Jessica said...

That is pretty cool. Before I saw what movie was being played, I did think of "Minority Report".

Mesh this with a big, GOOD touch screen and it would be golden. :)

Paul Mohr said...

The odd thing is that this is the old version and the new one actually does use touch screen and the one in progress uses a 3D spatial interface like Wii and I am going to integrate voice recognition and facial emotion recognition. These softwares already exist, they just have not been integrated in a single user interface before. I was surprised that FedEx had voice recognition for package pickups when I called in a few years ago. The program on the other end of the phone could accept voice to schedule a pickup. It was very futuristic. I will try and post links to the facial recognition and facial expression generation and other new interface as I integrate them into my own little VR interface project. I already have a face interface to AI and that is a bit interesting but still limited since I can't actually talk back. Sooner I start the sooner I finish :) I will probably put most of the interface up for everybody on the Free and Open Source server if anyone knows how to get to that.Otherwise I will include links to my own development files here also.

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Automated Intelligence
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