Intelligent Design

IMHO I think that even a billion dollars does not buy you be smart. I am going to make one post on this and then leave it alone. As far as things that members of church groups have supported in the past, this is definitely the least thought out concepts to be adopted by people of faith. It is instantly and obviously incorrect. It is so absurd that I don't feel it deserves a formal disproof. The fact that it is argued at all seems to reflect more on the reasoning skills of the population as a whole than any merit. We might as well have a formal national debate on Santa Claus or the Wizard of Oz. Somebody has a wire crossed in their cerebellum and if they want to drag a few million people on a tour of Hale-Bopp, then they were probably going to go there on vacation anyway.The actual specifics of hysteria or mind hacking is not the issue. If you take the Snickers bar away from the candy addict, they will just pick up a Mars bar. It is very frustrating to sit on top of someone who has a tendency to follow these odd edicts and waste my time dealing with each in turn. There are two things going on. One is the person/group that develops a concept and the second which is susceptible. It is a classic dealer/user relationship and the root cause is the emotional state that is induced in -both-. If you take away ID, you will get Quantum Consciousness as quick as the baby can reach out of the carriage and grab at the candy rack. This is an odd thought, I can say poo or poop or crap or feces or excrement or waste or bowel movement or shit. They all refer to virtually the same thing in context (supposedly) and yet the words each carry some additional emotional baggage that is probably not documented in Webster's. I think that there is something interesting there in terms of social principles of communication. Also AI, that is very interesting. I sometimes use IRC (Inter-Relay Chat) and there is a social convention there that capitals are added as emphasis to words. I have seen people get horribly upset because another person keeps CAP-ing words. It goes something like this "stfu" , "what?" , "you heard me, STFU", "If you continue to scream this profanity I will k-line you". It has degraded to the point of animal dominance at this point as someone has gone All-In by using the k word and the other has to fold or call. In my mind I hear the distinct crackle of Tesla coils being ignited and the virtual shuffling of scripts,the click of permission levels changing,the initial bleep of a console window being opened, and the gaping of mouths so familiar to people who have watched a hippopotamus fight. There is a certain animal excitement that comes with these things and I think that people in general get some vouyerist kick from the conflict itself :)


Jessica said...

Wow. Perhaps you should add the label "rant" to this post. :)

Paul Mohr said...

If you think it qualifies as rant I will add that and if you see any others that cross the line let me know.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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